Ba Sha Cun
Ba Sha Cun

Basha Village with 18.28 km2 locates at southwest of Binmei Town, Jiangxian County, there are 7.5 kilometers from this village to Jiangxian County. This village is consisted by five natural villages, they are Dazhai Village, Zaigexin Village, Darongpo New Village, Wangjia Village and Zaizhuang Village, which have 472 households and 2395 persons in total. It is the denudational landform in hilly areas. The elevation is 480m—660m, its climate is central Asian monsoon climate and the annual average temperature is about 16℃, besides, the annual average rainfall reaches about 1050-1250mm and the frost-free season are about 330 days, the climate is moderate and the rainfall is rich. The rate of coverage in forest and vegetation are more than 80%, there are ancient forest (feng-shui forest) and bamboo forest in large area around. The arable land is the terraced rice fields mainly, they are irrigated by rain and mountain spring.

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